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100,000 Protesters in Rome mocks Joe Biden outside the American Embassy

Protesters in Rome Chant “F**k Joe Biden” as They Pass US Embassy.


Thousands of protesters including members of  demonstrated in central Rome on Saturday against the extension of the Covid-19 health pass system to all workplaces.


There were scuffles with police as the demonstrators took aim at the health pass, which has been a requirement to enter museums, sporting events and restaurants since August.



Under the health pass system, anyone entering these establishments must also provide a certificate of vaccination, proof of recovery from Covid-19 or a recent negative test result.


Three weeks ago the government of Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced that the scheme would be extended to all places of work from October 15 and any employees refusing to comply would be threatened with suspension without pay.

The passes show that a person has had least one COVID-19 vaccine dose, or recovered from the virus in the last six months, or has tested negative in the last 48 hours.

Italian media reported 10,000 participants, while organisers said they numbered 100,000. Many raised clenched fists or waved Italian flags, shouting “Freedom!” and waving banners that read “Get your hands off [our] work.”

Italy became in September the first country in Europe to make the “green pass” compulsory.

23 thoughts on “100,000 Protesters in Rome mocks Joe Biden outside the American Embassy

  1. Joe Biden with his inability to add 2 + 2 5trillion is a number! Stop this fuckin moron from doing another thing with our money! He is illegitimate and a fraud!

    1. Yes, and nothing more has ever been said about the missing, lost 17 billion dollars sent to Iraq for they’re infrastructure! Evidently it just disappeared and I knowwhere! Right into the admins.pockets! They all need to go!

    2. I must say I am actually shocked by the fact that that idiot is actually giving the taliban money. My son is in BCT now and if he’s sent to Afghanistan I will be sueing the American government. They are basically going to pay the taliban for murders both past and future. Not to mention all the people left behind….

    1. Unfortunately well be stuck with his running mate, the h()e and plastic faced pelosi then !! We’re screwed either way.
      But my question is, we know that Geppetto was pulling the strings on Pinocchio. But who is pulling the strings on the marionette that is called Biden? Is it o’bama, is it pelosi, is it schumer or is it fauci. No one knows

      1. I’m 100% positive Obama is the one pulling
        The strings, every policy Democrats are
        Pushing smacks of Obama.
        We are in the middle of Obama’s third term.

  2. It’s the deep state, a certain member of Congress & likely Obama doing his third term that’s been hurting everyone. They just volunteered Biden to be the official fall guy so they don’t have to take the responsibility for trying to bring down America & any other country they can.

  3. All these people screaming that Biden should resign makes me laugh!
    Dictators don’t resign.
    History shows they typically get drug out into the streets.

  4. Imposter fraud Coyote Biden has destroyed the USA economy, and the Border, he is the biggest crooked illegal aliens trafficker, working with the Mexican cartels, Biden pick up the aliens from the border and distribute them across USA.

    1. Then why is everything so messed up ? We are in control. God gave us the ability to to think and take action. God does not like cowards. If you truly believe God in in control and that he will take care of you, why do you work ? Why do you save money ?
      God gave us his word for guidance. He gave us the ability to act whether is be good or bad. God will judge us on how we acted after death on earth. Until then, we are in control and all it takes gor evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. And nothing is what you want yo do. Telling us that God is in. Control. Shame on you. God is watching you

  5. Very brave people unlike people from Chicago they have done nothing absolutely nothing against this moron it’s nothing like the Chicago I used to know they have no balls at all, and if you really want to get rid of this Chinese fucking virus, get rid of Bill Gates and Fauci period.

  6. The democrats anarchies and they organization are making illegals signed a agreement to vote democrats if they want to stay in USA. you wandering why? The democrats need illegals votes!!” It’s do or die”

  7. When you see people all over the world exclaiming “Let’s go Brandon” FJB or LGB. You realize there is hope for humanity! LGB

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