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Beautiful Abena Korkor details how she was bonked by a 13 year old boy(video)

Ghanaian beautiful TV presenter Mrs. Nana Abena Korkor has just given full details about how she sl$pt with a man when she was only a small child 5 years old.

Just a week ago the popular Tv presenter in an interview with Delay disclosed to all Ghanaian that she did the thing with a 13-year-old boy when she was only 5 years.

In a new post sighted by, the beautiful tv presenter posted that she went to the boy’s place just only to watch tv.

She say the were 3 in total in the room but the boy uses his sense and sent the other lady to go and buy popcorn that they can use to enjoy the movie well.

She emphasis bodily that she doesn’t know what s€x was that time so she accept to the guy that they can do the thing.

Abena Korkor disclosed that the boy stands in front of her and show her his thing and they start the process.

Abena says it was somehow painful but she @njoy it, later that day she talks about it to his mum and the mum calls an elderly meeting where they say she should not disclose it to anyone again.

Check out the video below


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