Brave Host lights up Adam Schiff over Steele dossier

Guest co-host on “The View” Morgan Ortagus confronted Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., Tuesday over his role in promoting the widely discredited anti-Trump Steele dossier.

During a segment in which Schiff was invited on the show to promote a new book, Ortagus accused him of potentially helping to spread Russian disinformation through his promotion of the dossier and suggested his credibility had been diminished because of his actions.



“You defended, promoted and even read into the congressional record the Steele dossier. We know last week the main source of the dossier was indicted by the FBI for lying about most of the key claims in that dossier. Do you have any reflections on your role in promoting this to the American people?” Ortagus asked Schiff.

Schiff avoided directly answering the question, and instead called on “whoever lied” to former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele or the FBI to be prosecuted.


Igor Danchenko, the primary sub-source for the Steele dossier, was indicted last week as part of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the probe into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia in the 2016 election.

Igor Danchenko, a U.S.-based, Russian-born analyst who was the main source for Steele’s anti-Trump dossier, was charged with making false statements to the FBI. He has indicated that he plans to plead not guilty.

Schiff attempted to change the subject to former President Donald Trump, criticizing him for pardoning individuals who had been convicted of lying to government officials during his administration, such as former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and former campaign advisor Roger Stone. Also claiming that the investigation into the dossier unearthed that Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was sharing campaign polling data with Russian intelligence.

“And to be clear, he was fired halfway through the campaign,” Ortagus said, interrupting Schiff’s attempt to focus on Trump.

Schiff again tried to dodge the question and continue his claims of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, however Ortagus interrupted him again.


“You may have helped spread Russian disinformation yourself for years by promoting this. I think that’s what Republicans and what people who entrusted you as the intel committee chair are so confused about your culpability in all this,” she said.


“I completely disagree with your premise. It’s one thing to say allegations should be investigated, and they were. It’s another to say that we should have foreseen in advance that some people were lying to Christopher Steele, which is impossible, of course, to do,” Schiff said.

“None of that serious misconduct is in any way diminished by the fact that people lied to Christopher Steele,” Schiff added.


“No I think just your credibility is,” Ortagus shot back.


“I think the credibility of your question is in doubt,” Schiff replied, trying to save face.


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29 thoughts on “Brave Host lights up Adam Schiff over Steele dossier

  1. Adam Schiff is full of shit! He has been saying this all along. He even lied about meeting with Glen Simpson in Colorado. (Fusion GPS). He also lied to his family that he is a CROSSDRESSER!!!!

  2. Adam to say there should have been a investigation and there was:
    Adam not only started there should be a investigation. Adam lies claiming he saw overwhelming evidence of Russia Russia collusion. Lying to all America using his position title as what he’s saying is truth. Of course Congress will not outright lie on live TV mainstream media, right? Only one who is not Criminal minded. Only one not hungry for power. Only one who uses the constitution as a guideline of principles,not to abuse power. Adam lies are overwhelming evidence he’s compromised on a mission to destroy Trump at all cost. This is called corrupt. Abusive of power.

  3. Another public servant abusing his power and making a sham of the office. Embarrassing and unfortunate. American apathy allows this to happen… will limely get worse if thats possible.

  4. Adam Pinocchio Shifft lies, he should be held responsible for this political Coup D Etat against a legally elected President.

  5. My God! The people these horrible evil pieces of dung had put through hell with their lies! Lives ruined, forever changed. The $$ spent on hearings & , trials. The psychological effects all this had to have on so many & their families. You all shall see when your day comes how you will pay for what you have done.

    1. Amen Mary you are speaking the truth and I can’t wait for all of them to get what is coming to them and quite frankly I hope and pray that they get tried and convicted of TREASON and thrown in a dungeon to live out live out their miserable pathetic POS lives


  7. Jail him is not enough, he is a devil worshiper, a traitor, he is guilty of high treason, he is a part of the deep state, he must be removed from civil society with all his buddies, that is about 90% of the demonic rats and the republicans, with the cia, fbi many of the pentagon, don’t forget Obama, he is behind the scenes causing a lot of destruction, Nancy Tokolosi, Shummar, the list is to long to mention, but America and the rest of the world knows who they are, wicked, wicked people that tried to destroy the world. The Fauci, and the Bills, Gates, and the Clintons, they make us vomit, demon possessed sick people, GOD HAVE MERCY ON THEM!

  8. Burn this lying leaker goes on tv and lies again! POS. traitor treason crimes against humanity! FUCK HIM. start running now pencil neck/dick!

  9. Schiff knows Russiagate is fake he is not dumb so it’s pretty obvious he is lying if you are in FBI CIA or congress that is obviously legal until they prosecute Comey Clapper how can you take any of this seriously

  10. Adam Schitt is NOTHING more than a LYING, STEALING, TREASONOUS P.O.S. – Donald Trump is MY President – BEST President for America & Americans

  11. I think adam schiff is nothing but a big mouth lier and should be charged with spreading disinformation he sees the same informatoun the fbi does schiff has clearence he knew it was fake all along so did biden and obama and palosi .they all knew

  12. Adam Schiff is a real scumbag. He is a damn disgrace to all the American people. That long turtle neck of his should be stretched more so that he is unable to lie and be deceitful any more

  13. Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Graham, Romney, Majorkass, Kerry, other RINOS are equally guilty of lying, & continue to lie about everything TRUMP!!! SWAMP MAFIA doesn’t want their lucrative criminal destruction of America to end until they are the kings, queens, trillionaires dictating to all of the U.S. They think that once they help the Chinese to become their “ruling mates”, they will take over!! DON’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT THE COMMIES, DO THEY?? Once the CCP takes over, the CCP will confiscate all the Swamp’s wealth and either put them in prison (Solitary Confinement), or they will “EUTHANIZE” them!!!

  14. Pencilneck you told the world on National TV Trump clouded with the Russians that the information was correct and even after evidence came out and your FBI Director heading this sham couldn’t prove or show any evidence that Trump did!!! You told the world that you saw proof and you had the Proof and would show it to everyone!!!! Where’s Your Proof???! Your a Liar!! A Disgrace!! Not only to yourself but to Our Congress, Our Country, Our Judicial System, Those Who Voted For Your Dumbass!!! You leaked information to the press all the time and now it’s time to pay for your crimes!!! Military Tribunal then Hanging!!!!! Happy Trails to you !!! Yippie Yiay MF!!!!

  15. Adam Schiff, is a Pathological liar its known as mythomania. Its the chronic behaviour of habitual lying. He is so consumed with hatred for Trump that he can not help himself. Just study his face.

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