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Curvaceous Nollywood actress, Princess Chidimma Agunobi popularly known as Princess Salt has opened up on sexual harassments, revealing that has never been a victim of such in the industry, however, some fans always embarrass her, especially at the airport.

She recalled, . “I’ve never been sexually harassed within or outside the industry! And I don’t pray to fall into that trap. However,  some stubborn male fans won’t  let me be. It’s crazy out here with these fans, trust me. I always have embarrassing moment, especially at the airport. I get people staring at me and the next thing they said is “na wao, person way dey nack am dey enjoy o”. It was so embarrassing for me I swear.”

Reacting to the insinuations that she enhanced her butts with plastic surgery. the Do Me Right star actress maintained that her sexiness is natural. “I’ve always had this sexy shape 100% from birth. I dare any doctor to come out with proof if they got any, that I went for surgery. I’m not against those that do liposuction; do with your body whatsoever that makes you happy. But for me I never did anything artificial. Nothing at all. I don’t even plan to work on my boobs to align with my backside. I’m comfortable the way I am. The most cherished part of my body are actually my eyes, dark lips and waist,” she hinted.

When further asked if she has ever considered being in a polygamous marriage? Princess Salt said: “No, but no one can predict the future and where your happy place would be though. Odour, bad breath and lies turn me off in a relationship. I can’t stand these three while neatness, honesty and intelligence is my huge turn on. I dislike proud people too. Smart things turn me on.”


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