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Entire Police Department Resign in Missouri

An entire police department in Missouri, including the police chief and his officers, resigned leaving the city of Kimberling without immediate security.


Citing problems like an inadequate pay rate and not having the right tools to do the job, the department has local leaders struggling to find replacements, especially when rhetoric against law enforcement is high amongst some, Fox News reported.

“It will be a struggle to fill the police department back up with qualified officers, but hopefully they can start working on that soon and get that accomplished,” Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader said of the resignations at the Kimberling City Police Department, noting that most police stations are understaffed.

What preempted the mass exodus, according to Rader, was Kimberling City Police Chief Craig Alexander’s resignation on Aug. 23. He wanted changes from the town’s mayor and he wanted to better himself, Fox News reported.


Soon after, Alexander’s resignation was joined by three officers and a sergeant, with their reasons for quitting being the absence of a police clerk to assist the department, not having qualified officers in the department and wanting new opportunities with a better pay rate, according to NBC Springfield, Missouri.

It is being reported that some of the Kimberling City Police Officers left to join the Branson West Police Department, which caught Mayor Bob Fritz of Kimberling City off guard.


“I didn’t know there were that many openings in Branson West because we didn’t see an advertisement for police,” Fritz said, referring to Alexander and officer Shaun McCafferty taking jobs at the Branson West Police Department.

Amid protests in 2020, police officers were pressured to resign, to be held accountable for their actions including murder, and face defunding from opponents who advocate for the funding to go to other initiatives.

The resignations come as small town police departments across the country struggle to stay staffed as crimes increase and following more than a year of politicians and activists calling for departments to be defunded.


A recent survey found there has been a 45% increase in the retirement rate and a nearly 20% increase in resignations from officers in 2020-2021 compared to the previous year, according to the Police Executive Research Forum.

Larger cities’ police departments have also struggled with staffing amid the anti-police sentiment and their local leaders supporting the defund the police movement last summer. But liberal leaders, like in Seattle, have recently reversed course and called for departments to be beefed up.


“As a city, we cannot continue on this current trajectory of losing police officers,” Mayor Jenny Durkan said during a press conference in July. “Over the past 17 months, the Seattle Police Department has lost 250 police officers, which is the equivalent of over 300,000 service hours. We’re on path to losing 300 police officers.”

About 2,600 officers from New York retired in 2020, according to The New York Times, compared to the 1,509 who retired the year prior.

Portland, Ore., had 69 officers resign and 75 retire from April 2020 to April 2021, compared to 27 and 14 the previous year, respectively.


In Seattle, resignations went from 34 to 123 and retirements went up from 43 to 96.

55 thoughts on “Entire Police Department Resign in Missouri

      1. What dumb asses would think that defending the police would not lead to far more crime?
        Add to that no prosecution and you have the formula for crie waves.
        Increase the force, increase the fines & punishment and DECREASE THE TIME TO PUT TO TRAIL and that town well clean up.

        1. This is the plan. Get rid of local police. Pay burn loot murder people with illegals getting 2000 a month to cause crime and the un gets a please come in and help our racist country. People better wake up. The ccp is running everything. They’re behind the woke crap. Feminization of our men , gender confusion and crt. They call it choking with own beliefs. God bless America

        2. This present traitorous and bribed administration wants to destroy this country, defunding the police is only one example of many..the indoctrinated woke fools have been manipulated by racial divide to achieve this goal for the benifit of the Chinese Communist Party..

        1. Iam backing the Police all the way . They are all Heros as far as I’m concerned and are not treated fairly by the democrats and liberal left.

    1. Unfortunately they want people that would do the right thing gone. Replaced by military or un. I’m terrified but rest in God. God bless everyone.

  1. What did the Democrats think would happen when they started kicking their cops in the head and their butts. Now they have to put up with the jab just to keep their jobs

    1. They want this communist agenda being replace police with those who are in agreement, cause chaos such as Antifa and BLM, take over (shut down) small businesses, no more private property, cause shortages eventually food, make people dependent on government, eventually send BLM and Antifa to attack opposition, no religion go after through regulations and laws (IRS), already own most judges especially in swing states, they already control what’s taught in schools and what’s in the media, change election laws to cheat, illegal immigrants (many of which are criminals) more crime and chaos more votes for Democrats, pack the court and get rid of filibuster, get rid or change history of the country, eventually no art.

      Why Communists Are Focused Heavily on Turning Texas Blue


    2. Well those same cops should have done there jobs and arrested the democrats for all there crimes which includes – treason , fraud , corruption , murder , insider trading etc etc etc – take your pick on what crimes they committed and now we’re screwed and I assure you this is being done on purpose and by design.


  3. We need police but we dont need tyrant cops. If ur a cop and u make 100,000 dollars a year and u get all kinds of benifits what the hell are yall complaining for. U got qualified immunity u get to stomp on people’s rights and bend the law to get what u want and then lie and fabricate reports in your favor but not for long. We the people are goin take our cameras and film every time we encounter yall. And the auditors are growing every day to test your tyrantic level and expose u. So yall need to find a better way of policing before u start crying about money. And what the hell do yall learn in the academy bc its sure not the constitution and laws and rights of the people bc u can look all over u tube and see that. Just know we are going to grow for transparency and cull out the tyrants.

    1. The average police officer makes about 45k a year not 100k. They put their lives on the line everyday. Your an ungrateful miserable person. Hope you get help so you can see how blessed you are and how much bs you just spouted.

    2. I hope you need a cop someday and they read your post and let you suffer. You are nothing .ore than a libtard @$$hole ….let’s go Brandon

    3. That’s a pretty illiterate statement coming from a very illiterate person.

    4. Yeah well most problems happen when people don’t comply in the 1st place. If they did things would not escalate like they do and the individual can be hurt or killed. Simple fact and a simple strategy just comply. If something’s not right deal with it in the proper steps not by resisting

    5. Dont have to look very hard to find a complete idiot … 100k a year ? Lmfao no cop makes that … film all you like we can also do the same with you … from the sounds of your juvenile af shit spewing here you’ll be the next to be arrested because you’ve proven just how stupid you are here … touche’

  4. I admire these men and women for taking control of their lives. It’s difficult working for anyone who disrespects you. I hope more Democrat run cities take hits like this and more walk off the jobs. Since Biden took office we have all been schitt on. FJB

    1. Actually, it’s even worse. 250 officers × 40 hours/week × 50 weeks (assuming 2 week vacations) = 500,000 service hours in a year.

  5. Well let’s start with they were committed to defraud America even pelosi said it way be for the vote’s were in so i new that the fix was in and low and behoid i was right .

  6. I support each and every one of these brave law enforcement officers further decisions. What person Should have to put up with all the bullshit that these officers have to put up with Plus no prosecution of any of the arrest. God-bless and please protect all law enforcement everywhere

  7. These cops that are leaving are Patriots. Everyone knows most of them are leaving because of liberal Democratic Socialist run cities and Mr.Magoos mandates for poison jabs. The real concern should be that the ones left working are complying with these Leftist politicians. That will be the death of freedom. These Socialists must be stopped now.

  8. Didn’t anyone see this coming? Either we the people take this country back or the socialists will take it over.
    #fightback #backtheblue #godblessthiscountry

  9. This world is a done deal..
    Everyone knows why the police quit there job’s, There will be many more walking off there job’s as time goes on.. People please protect your families and stand your ground..Noone will do it for you.
    This world is Jesuit evil..

  10. Police are not bad people. We get angry when we get a ticket, but that doesn’t make them jerks. Yes, there are some police who don’t know how to behave, but that is a small portion.

  11. Does anyone not think that this is what those despicable, habitually lying, fear mongering A$$hole ALWAYS wanted. Please forgive the French, but I’m over all this pussy footing around. Their time is coming and it couldn’t be soon enough.

    It’s just ashame that President Trump didn’t have more power to step in and stop the CAOS incurred in 2020. Killing police officers, babies, other innocent civilians, burning police stations, government buildings, restaurants, and being allowed to do it right in front of the cameras of the leftist journalists who said it was mostly peaceful protests in general. What rock are they living under??? Seriously!

    These people are the optime of real TRASH ️ in our country and should be eliminated from our great country.

    I pray that 2022 steers us in the right path to renew what President Trump started in 2016 and in 2024 to take EVERYTHING back and NEVER lose it again.

    God bless America and God bless our troops!

    God bless all of you here and please be safe!

  12. Hopefully the next recruits will research the NWO demons who bring destruction to the communities they paracites off of

  13. Back the blue I know im off subject but these democrats are our of hand Rittenhouse shot in self defense Texas earlier this yr botched drug deal shot teacher 4 times and 2 other students teen arrested and bailed out that night if that was a white teen CNN MSNBC would broad cast this night and day saying mass school shooting and gun control but since ita a black teen its swept under the rug and there out to hang Rittenhouse house and back on subject I live in Connecticut there’s car jacking and breakins all over and the police get no support from our governor Ned Lamont

  14. Every officer in these woke lunatic lefty cities should quit because do you think they have your back lol ya right they will hang you out to dry for a political agenda. Move to a red state and city and lateral over. Let’s go Brandon

  15. All this defund the police crap is really about sleepy joey federalizing the police departments making them an entity to the federal government kinda like the I.R.S. & D.H.S. just more government in our life’s

  16. Well I guess the military will be filling that role but that was plan from the start and people weren’t that bright to see it from the beginning. Let’s see when you try to use this isn’t your jurisdiction!

  17. The police should have every tool & resource they need to perform there duties. The tired & over worked officer is the one that’s more likely to abuse there power. Departments need funds to have mental health check out the officer’s that are getting a lot of write ups.

  18. The idiotic Seattle mayor wants the police back NOW. She supported rioting and defunding BEFORE to help drive Trump out of office. Now that Trump is gone she wants the police back. Hope they NEVER come back!

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