Former Man Utd defender Marcos Rojo throws punch and threatens to launch fire extinguisher in Boca Juniors tunnel fight



Former Manchester United defender Marcos Rojo punched a security guard and wielded a fire extinguisher in a shocking tunnel fight after Boca Juniors’ Copa Libertadores exit.

The Argentine side were dumped out of the quarter-finals on penalties against Atletico Mineiro after no goals were scored across the two legs, while only Rojo netted his spot-kick as Boca lost the shootout 3-1 in Belo Horizonte.

But Boca’s players and coaching staff were livid and felt they have two goals wrongly ruled out by VAR over the two legs and tensions spilled over after the full-time whistle.

Players rampaged through the tunnel and mixed zone inside the stadium, with Boca’s players throwing over barriers and metal railings and lobbing objects as they tried to find the match officials.


They were believed to have taken refuge in the Mineiro dressing room, with the seething players making a beeline for the changing room as security tried to stop their advance.

Rojo was one of the main aggravators, leading the charge, and in shocking scenes he even appeared to throw a punch at a security guard who hit the deck before running away.

A handful of Boca’s coaching staff appeared to try and calm things done, dragging Rojo back after his punch, but the red mist had already descended.

In astonishing footage, the Argentine defender grabs a fire extinguisher off the wall and goes to throw it at the security guards ahead of him, only to be stopped by his teammates who seemed to finally clock that things were getting out of hand.

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But that did not deter Rojo, with the 31-year-old putting down the extinguisher before marching forward and re-joining the melee.

Eventually Brazilian police got involved and even used tear gas to try and calm down the situation, with seven players – including Rojo – as well as Boca’s goalkeeping coach charged by police.

A member of the Brazilian police force, Santiago Mayor, told TyC Sports: ‘The match commissioner told us that there was aggression and that immediately activated our intervention.

‘There are currently three players that have been identified as aggressors and are being charged with civil disturbance. We are currently still viewing surveillance video to see if there are any others involved.’

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