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Jim Jordan Demands the Resignation of Joe Biden

Rep. Jim Jordan is the latest GOP lawmaker to call for President Joe Biden to resign over his withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.


“What’s happening in Afghanistan is wrong. It is terrible. But frankly, it isn’t surprising because what has this guy done right?” Jordan said, speaking on Fox News on Saturday.

“Everything this guy touches, it goes bad. That’s why I said he should resign.”


“Thirteen service members killed, Americans left behind, allies left behind, billions of dollars of equipment and weapons left behind. And some of the Afghans who have come to America haven’t been properly vetted,” he continued.

With his call for Biden’s resignation, Jordan joins a fast growing list of Republicans who’ve said that the president should be removed from office. At least 20 House Republicans and conservative figures – including Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, and Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn and many more others – have called for Biden’s resignation.

Meanwhile the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has dismissed these calls, calling it “playing politics.”


“I would say, first, this is a day where US service members,” she said , “lost their lives at the hands of terrorists.”


“It’s not a day for politics, and we would expect that any American, whether they’re elected or not, would stand with us in our commitment to going after and fighting and killing those terrorists wherever they live, and to honoring the memory of service members. And that’s what this day is for,” Psaki added.

Jim Jordan also slammed the Biden administration Monday on “America Reports” for “ignoring” the migrant surge in Del Rio, Texas, and refusing to embrace Trump-era policies to stem illegal entries at the southern border.

“Obviously they’re ignoring it. We got 13,000 Haitians there in Del Rio, Texas. Obviously, they’re ignoring it. But I thought I find it interesting at the time when we have that, what does the Biden administration announce today? They announce that, oh, for people who come here legally, foreign nationals, you’re going to have to be vaccinated.” he said as reported by fox news.

“And what is the Democrat Congress focused on doing? Trying to give amnesty to 8 million people who came here illegally. The American people are fed up with this. They’d like some leadership from the White House, from President Biden, from Vice President Harris, but they’re certainly not seeing it.”

“This is because the White House is not willing to embrace the policies that work. A full implementation of Title 42, building the wall, going back to the Remain in Mexico policy, those policies that work. The White House won’t embrace it because the hard left won’t let them.” he added.

62 thoughts on “Jim Jordan Demands the Resignation of Joe Biden

  1. Jim Jordan you are the one who needs to resign. You’ve done nothing for your constituents besides that you suffer from diarrhea of the mouth.

      1. He don’t give a damn
        I’m sure that he doesn’t even realize that for now he is The United States President

    1. Are you truly an American living within the United States of America? No, seriously! 47yrs of holding public office and Joe hasn’t done Shit! And you are worried that Jim Jordan, hasn’t done anything? You know there is this thing called the Internet!

    2. Obiden -hairass administration is diarea .and your alright with these losers flushing our country down
      I guess you’re one of the people waiting for your government hand outs.

    3. Jim jorden speaks the truth for Merica the left is all about socialistic ideas and its nothing to do with making America great .Destroying our freedom.our country Jim Jorcen stands up for the real truth

  2. That’s right we’ve seen no action the republicans have become nothing but theater. Why aren’t they doing anything about this mess! Stop talking and start acting, I’m a republican and I’m sick of my party throwing a fit instead of being Americans and doing something about it!

    1. All the reps need to take action but I see nothing not a peep but for the past four n half years all we hear is trump this trump that’s it and people are waking up I don’t know where the dddems got the word woke from because for patriots it means being awake of the reality the nwo bs this country is literally an outhouse for illegals the funny part is the Hispanics are the forgotten majority damm idiot not even a simple equation could he out together in two years the trilats n mexicles will be your boss affirmative action will be. You must hire an American first THEN THE PEOPLE WILL WAKE UP OR NOT rit really doesn’t matter because jfk n Mr Cooper spoke about it and it is coming to fruition in front of our face so now what wait for the catastrophies

    2. Being the minority, how do you think they can do anything? Everything they bring to the floor of the House or Senate gets refused or flat out killed! We have to wait it out until 2022 or go bat sh*t crazy & go to full on REVOLUTION!

  3. Keep sticking up for the commies morons….you’ll be the first ones in the Fema….I mean self preservation camps….‍♂️ meatheads

    1. Brain dead Biden should never even been allowed by the American people to enter the White House! He didn’t legally win Trump is the real & true President! Get that Moran out while we still have a country & throw all his commie cronies out with him The people are sick & tired of all this BS Go Jim Jordan!

  4. Look around! List one positive thing the Biden regime has done that improves your life? Can’t? Can you list the terrible things? Probably not, because you’ve indoctrinated and have no clue what’s happening around you! The list is so fing long that it wouldn’t fit on this message board! Why don’t you come around and be a true American and fight for your freedom. Joes regime intends to take it from you! They have already started. You want them tracking your personal banking? How about causing shortage of goods so prices go up? How about allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens come into your country un-vetted? Criminals and terrorists! Just wait till there’s no gas for your auto! That will be great…huh? What about the fact that you won’t be able to afford to heat or cool your home? Wake up America! Come together and save your freedom! Stop the divisiveness! We are all Americans! Freedom isn’t free and we are about to lose ours! God bless America!

  5. Alll of these comments are the evil Democrats who want are America to go to the immigrants Jim Jordon is fighting for America all you Democrats are fighting for illegals and socialism

  6. Hail Jim Jordan! I love this man, good on ya sir! We are on the fast track of becoming a Nation Of ILLEGALS !!! They have to be stopped, one way or another!! JOE BIDEN, SHOULD BE BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES OF DERILICTION OF DUTIES AND TREASON !!!!

  7. They all need to be hung, they are turning America into a socialist country right in front of our eyes. It’s going to be a waist of time to even vote in the medterm election. Look what just happened in the governor recall, you know he didn’t win, the same thing is going to happen in the medterm election.

  8. As I was saying, the Ass Wipe accusing Jordon of having diarrhea of the mouth needs to get out of mommie’s basement and get a job. (Liberal Hack).

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