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Aaron Wan-Bissaka will have two very personal motives for the new season.

Although England have a wealth of talent at right-back, Gareth Southgate’s snub of Wan-Bissaka for this summer’s European Championship would have hurt the 23-year-old, but it is now up to him to channel that frustration into positivity.

Wan-Bissaka can use that disappointment as fuel to prove the skeptics are wrong, but while he was at home and his team-mates Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw and Marcus Rashford played for England, Manchester United made inquiries in the transfer market.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wants to find competition for Wan-Bissaka, and the United boss has identified Kieran Trippier as the perfect candidate for such a move – BUT revealed this week that Trippier is optimistic about switching Atletico Madrid to United.

While these negotiations continue, and whether the transfer in question will actually work, it is reasonable to speculate that the news that Solskjaer wants another right-back at Old Trafford may be worrying for the still consistent and reliable Wan- Bissska.

Sir Alex Ferguson was the champion of providing competition for places, and the sometimes ruthless transfer trick yielded unsurpassed and unprecedented results – the legendary United boss even called fame among players a ‘disease’ in 2016.

It looks like Solskjaer is using that trick to inspire his pursuit of a new right-back, but like Southgate’s snub, it should serve as motivation for Wan-Bissaka to deliver improved performances this season, which is likely the Norwegian hidden intention.

However, there is crucial aspect of Wan-Bissaka’s work that could be worked on that could change the United boss’s opinion that another right-back is needed, as both experts and fans have often made the same assessment when analyzing his screens.

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It is not hyperbole to suggest that Wan-Bissaka is one of the best defenders in the Premier League, but this statement must be taken into account because the attacking side of his game and end product from the flanks can sometimes be overwhelming.

Wan-Bissaka has the ability to relentlessly work this expression to correct it, and he can use both of these motives to help.

Sir Alex Ferguson was an expert at knowing how to get the best out of his players, and it looks like Solskjær may have learned one or two things by playing under the greatest manager ever, but Wan-Bissaka’s performance this season will ultimately judge it.

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