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Imo State born pretty Nollywood actress, Princess Chidimma Agunobi fondly called Princess Salt has clearly stated what turns her on in a man, The Sun reports.

The Do Me Right star actress revealed that body odour, bad breath, lying and proud men turn her off in a relationship.

On what turns her on, Princess Salt says, “Neatness, honesty and intelligence. Smart things turn me on. Money turns me on but not like the aforementioned. Money, bank alerts, handsome dude, they are all a plus to neatness, honest and an intelligent man.”

The first child in family of 9 also recalled the initial challenges encountered in the industry and dealing with sexual harassment.

“Those early days it was hard for me to remember the lines which made one director shout at me and I started crying. The director later talked me out of it. When I was on the set of The Hustlers, Mercy Johnson also talked me out of it too and helped me put in effort to believe in myself. For sexual harassment, I’ve never experienced such within or outside the industry! And I don’t pray to fall into that trap,” she noted.

The prize paid for stardom doesn’t come cheap, as the light skinned script interpreter has also gotten her fair share of controversy.

Princess Salt says, “the most unpleasant thing I heard about myself is that I have a wardrobe malfunction  and I enhanced my body which is so untrue. I know the most cherished part of my body are actually my eyes, dark lips and waist but they are all so natural from birth.”

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