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Protesters storm Nancy Pelosi’s Home, see why!

Protesters have reacted again to another visit of the Speaker of the House Representatives to a Salon, by gathering outside her San Francisco home.


This development has occurred after Mrs. Pelosi’s controversial visit to eSalonSF Salon. The Speaker called incident at the salon set up.


According to Fox news, the rally occurred after Pelosi was captured on video getting her hair cut inside, even though it was closed due to coronavirus-related ordinances.

“What she has done is slap the face of not just a salon owner but every woman every man every person who’s unemployed in the state of California who has lost their jobs and lost their livelihoods many of whom are my friends,”


Meanwhile, Salons in San Francisco had been closed since March and were only notified that they could reopen on Sept. 1 for outdoor hairstyling services only.


The protesters which can be described as “angry salon customers,” displayed some angry gestures: some wore curlers in their hair while others hung blow dryers and hair curlers in a tree outside the residence to express their frustration.


According to San Francisco’s KRON-TV, a protester said:

Pelosi has said that she takes responsibility for “falling for a set up” at the salon.


“I take responsibility for trusting the word of the neighborhood salon that I’ve been to over the years many times when they said we’re able to accommodate people one person at a time,” she said after footage of her salon visit was shared widely.

Meanwhile Pelosi’s bishop calls for massive ‘campaign of prayer and fasting’ for ‘her conversion of heart’ on abortion.

The archbishop of San Francisco called for a “massive and visible campaign of prayer and fasting” for the conversion of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s heart as she pursues what pro-lifers have called “radical” abortion legislation.

“I Witnessed the Speaker of the House of Representatives’ passage of HR 3755, which would impose abortion on demand nationwide at any stage of pregnancy,” Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone said of the California Democrat in a statement Wednesday.


“A conversion of heart of the majority of our congressional representatives is needed on this issue, beginning with the leader of the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I am therefore inviting all Catholics to join in a massive and visible campaign of prayer and fasting for Speaker Pelosi: commit to praying one rosary a week and fasting on Fridays for her conversion of heart.”

33 thoughts on “Protesters storm Nancy Pelosi’s Home, see why!

  1. To many people are listening to the idiots in government we outnumber all of these morons just do what they told us to do sense we were little kids (JUST SAY NO!) TO ALL THERE RULES AND REGULATIONG THEY ARE TRYING TO PUT ON IS THERR KILLING OUR ECONOMY BECAUSE ALL YOU WHO ALLOW IT LET THEM FINE YOU JUST DONT PAY OT THIS OS OUT LAND NOT THE PEOPLE WE ALLOW TO SOT IN OFFICE AND ROB US! NO MORE….

      1. Sounds to me like California is getting what California deserves for either voting for the idiots or allowing the steal

    1. They forget they were elected by the people to protect our democracy and the best interest of our nation. We did not give them Cart Blanche to go in and squander our tax dollars on whatever they feel like so they recreate our system of government so they can get kickbacks on. The problem is who is policing our so called watchdogs? These are very turbulent times leaving us very vulnerable due to greed and corruption.

      1. They are pushing the world Oder but in order to do that they must bankrupt America. And they are succeeding with so many Useful idiots in the democrat party. They might as well be zombies because they think like a zombie.

  2. Has anyone wondered why she doesn’t have her own hair dresser? Maybe she does but went out to set up this woman and her business. “Piglosi” needs to be removed and never be allowed in any office other than dog catcher!!!

  3. We the people should give them screw ups a parachute drop them In Afghan with a notes find your way home

  4. I left California because of phony, power mad , got rich, sleazy politicians who live like royalty, act like royalty, and believe they RULE us, not Represent us. Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, Stark…All lefty, lib democrats. You sorry lot can HAVE them. Like Davy Crockett said, ” You can all go to Hell! I’m.going to Texas.” And I did.

    1. They are AFTER they become politicians. Before they enter govt they rnt worth a penny. They become a politician & learn quickly how to steal our money & line their own pockets w it.

    2. Pelosi is worth around 500 million You uses insider info illegal by the way. She went from close to 200 million to almost 500 million in 2 years.

  5. You’re right, Guinn! They are the epitome of deception and lying.They should all be locked away for treason.

    They haved boldly lied to our faces and if you haven’t caught on to that yet, you’re living under a rock.

    They have done something that I would NEVER have believed would happen, which is egregiously commit crimes against our country and think we can’t see it plain as DAY.

    Elite? That’s funny! That’s not what the true Elites of our great country would act like. Our Forefathers were the class act and that they could never hope to achieve.

    Good for you, Guinn!

    God bless you and your family! Be safe!

  6. If our forefathers were still around they would be shocked and ashamed of this country and they would do something about it just like Trump is.

  7. Not one comment on here in her defense so who the hell is the ones voting for her or is there? you will still never convince me newsom won the recall either I mean legally, is thete anyone that like them? Didnt think so!

  8. I believe they have been Cheating for years, and Trump got so many votes, they had to go way beyond the norm to make Biden win,so it was obvious! But I’m in California and have been my whole life, nobody likes pelosi,newsom,Biden, and all the other evil bastards that have stolen our government! We need to stop them all now!!! Trump won and Biden should be in jail or hung,along with all that helped in the steal!!!¡

  9. Most of the politicians are in it for themselves, they are lying when they open their mouth, make policies that never pertain to them but only to us, line their own pockets and getting rich! Pelosi at age 82 should not even be allowed to hold ANY office anymore, she should have been retired years ago! This women claims to be “religious” and a “devout” Catholic which is laughable to say the least. She will split hell wide open when she dies because she is a huge supporter and advocate for the killing of the unborn, who should have the same right to live just like she did when she was born and she is still around and everyone else that’s now alive! Women DO NOT have the right to decide who lives and dies, only God does! All these aborted babies never got the chance to live, be productive adults in the workforce or create a family of their own because of our government sectioned law that allows the murder of an unborn child! The bible clearly states that if you harm one of God’s little ones, it would be better for you to have a millstone put around your neck and drowned in the sea than to face God! It is in the bible for anyone to read, but I doubt that Nancy Pelosi ever bothers opening up God’s Word!

    1. You’re a Bozo that couldn’t run a town let alone the seventh largest economy in the world’s I mean could you get elected as a County supervisor they’re the People’s that run a town you’re probably not even smart enough to be the head garbage collector

  10. Not one of these idiots could run an economy let alone the economy that keeps the rest of the ununited States of America afloat they’d stink like a LEAD ball if it wasn’t for Nancy and the state of California’s economy they’d be a third world country begging for a bowl of rice

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