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Petition to Impeach pelosi from Congress gathers over 100,000 signatures

Petition to remove Nancy Pelosi from Congress gets Tens of thousands of Signatories, the petition statement reads;

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is playing politics with people’s lives.”


“On Sunday, she interjected herself where she did not belong, effectively upending bipartisan legislation in the Senate that would have helped millions of Americans and businesses through the the COVID-19 crisis.”


“Why? Because at the last moment, she wanted useless, petty line-items included, like additional bargaining powers for unions, increased fuel emissions standards for airlines, and the expansion of wind and solar tax credits.”


“What in the world do these have to do with helping people through a pandemic? Absolutely nothing.”


“She does not deserve to be Speaker of the House. She does not deserve to be in talks with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. She does not deserve to have an office in the halls of Congress”.


“Which means she doesn’t deserve the title of “U.S. Representative,” the hallmark designation of an individual whose job is to go to bat for citizens across the United States and deal with crises head-on.”


“What Nancy Pelosi did to the American people was utterly disgraceful and I hope you’ll join me in advocating for the resignation of the career California politician.”

To Join this petition, Click Here

Meanwhile Retail traders are watching what Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, is doing on the stock market to help them decide what to do next.


His stock picks have been suspiciously successful, Christopher Josephs, cofounder of social investing app Iris said, saying that every trade “inevitably turned out to be such a long term winner.”


It started with Crowdstrike in 2020, then Tesla, followed by Alphabet, then Nvidia, he told the outlet, noting that each of Paul’s disclosed positions has gained 20% to 30% since the initial investment.

Last month, It was reported that Pelosi, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, and her husband came into the investing spotlight as memes on Twitter and TikTok.

That followed July news that Paul made $5.3 million by exercising call options to buy 4,000 shares of Google parent Alphabet just before the House Judiciary Committee voted on antitrust regulations.


“If they’re the ones passing the laws, it’s probably smart to keep up and see what they’re buying,” Josephs told Yahoo adding that lawmakers may know something retail traders don’t.

19 thoughts on “Petition to Impeach pelosi from Congress gathers over 100,000 signatures

  1. “If” a politician is doing well for the American people, they should stay. Pelosi has made enough money and is acting in the best interest of lobbyists. Get her and Chicky out please.

  2. She should be in jail with Biden and his buddies for committing treason and putting Americans in danger ,they are total anti American Anti constitution ,pro illegal , they make me sick to my stomach we have sick in the head people like that running this country , totally destroying it !!!!

  3. Perfect example for term limits! She needs to be in prison for insider stock trading plus a million other things. The old cud chewing hag has to go and take Chuck with her!

  4. Biden and his girlfriend, Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff have all committed treason according to the US Constitution. There is a long list of lefties who have besides them!

  5. Who does she think she works for? Pelosi has forgotten that she is an elected official and stays in office because she represents WE THE PEOPLE. But never has her actions turned toward this direction. She remains in office only to antagonize and destroy us, ignore our Constitution, and blocking in the way of every Good Governance so far. Why is she still in Office? Kick out this useless old woman, and put a fresh younger person who works for us, and follows our Constitution to the letter.

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