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Trump Supporters Line Up to Greet Biden as He Arrives in Elk Grove, Illinois

Joe Biden landed at O’Hare Airport Thursday afternoon to promote vaccine mandates in the greater Chicago area.

Biden will visit a Clayco Construction site in Elk Grove Village.

Trump supporters lined the streets waving “Trump won” and “F*ck Joe Biden” flags


Hundreds of the demonstrators lined Higgins Road near the entrance to the Elk Grove Technology Park on Thursday to voice their displeasure with President Joe Biden’s stance on vaccine mandates during his visit.

They waved flags and held signs proclaiming their political views, from “Illegal Mandates” to “Trump Won,” a reference to the oft-repeated claim that Donald Trump won reelection last year.

Some of the signs and banners contained obscenities about the president, and occasional chants were vulgar. Some passing motorists honked or shouted, whether in support or opposition. One man played a drum; a few people yelled through megaphones.


When asked why they were demonstrating, protesters expressed fears about democracy and the future of the country.


“We’re a country of freedom,” said protester Lori Felde of Elk Grove Village. “And they’re taking away our freedoms.”

Biden was triggered by the signs and said the thousands of Trump supporters carrying ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ signs is why he got 81 million votes.

Meanwhile twice in two weeks, employees at Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue restaurant in Elk Grove Village eagerly prepared for a visit from President Joe Biden. And twice in two weeks, their hearts fell when the White House canceled the reservation.

Despite Biden’s cancellation, Sweet Baby Ray’s wasn’t left out of the hoopla. Secret Service agents came to pick up takeout for the gathering, O’Brien said.


Anti-Biden protesters outside the restaurant had “cursed at” and “harassed” O’Brien and her employees when they tried to deliver the food, she said.

18 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Line Up to Greet Biden as He Arrives in Elk Grove, Illinois

  1. Its not good to intimidate the sweet baby Ray employees . They are intitled to their opinion just as others are. If this us true ut diminishes our effectiveness. Be strong, courageous but please respect others, thatsxwhat were trying to accomplish for everyone. Everyone’s voice and opinion to be heard and valued.

  2. The “MEDIA”, rarely said President Trump.
    Constant , Trump, Trump, Trump.
    Yet, once hes left office, it bacame, “President Trumps” fault for everything.
    he got blamed for bidens failed pullout(i bet thats how his wife got pregnant though”. of Troops, in the Afghan.

    All in All, A paid Media WILL do as its told.

  3. Our great President Trump is the one who got 81 million votes! Brain dead Biden was lucky that he even got 8 votes! What an idiot!

  4. 2020 election was stolen. The evidence is clear. Trump DID win re-election. Notice there is no Biden support or lining the streets? Why? Because he has little to none!!!

  5. I gave a copy of a video where biden is bragging about having the most inclusive and extensive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. And that’s how Obama won. So yes, Pres Trump did win and Pres Trump is correct about the fraud.

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