Watch Old Sleepy Joe Biden Loose it, Stutter On Live Tv After Reporter Hits A Nerve

Joe Biden snaps at reporter after being grilled on the amounts to be payed to illegal immigrants at the border.

Following remarks after the passage of the infrastructure bill, a reporter inquired about Biden’s flip-flop on the reports that some illegal aliens separated at the border would be eligible for payments as high as $450,000. “I’d like to ask you, real quick, sir: Where do you stand? You said last week that this report about migrant families at the border getting payments was ‘garbage,” he began to ask before Biden denied what he said days prior and descended into a tangent:


2 thoughts on “Watch Old Sleepy Joe Biden Loose it, Stutter On Live Tv After Reporter Hits A Nerve

  1. It’s time for someone to remove these so-called pieces of shit in our government they must be removed before the country is taken over by China and Russia which that is what Joe Biden is going to have happen because he’s getting paid a lot of money He IS a traitor to our country and he must pay the horrible price of treason and everyone in his cabinet everyone in his orbit everyone that has done anything to help this piece of shit must face the horrible price of treason and remember no mercy for traders to our country the time is come to either live free or die

  2. we need an all out war in this country. Americans against the government. the government has been bought out by foreign countries. joe biden and all that tells him what to do need to be lock up for the rest of there life..

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